Minister's Diary


A Harvest Blessing

Lord of the sowing, bless with fruitfulness the good things we try to do this week. Lord of the growing, bless with wisdom the things we shall learn this week.… [More]


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!… [More]


I am for you

Before the world began One word was there,… [More]


Beginning the day right

In these modern days of fast paced living and what we are often told is a post Christian society, one of the expressions of Christianity which is becoming increasingly popular is 'New Monasticism'. This is an intentional way of life which owes much to th… [More]

31-Oct-2013 November

… [More]


The Spirit of Pentecost

The Spirit of Pentecost! No, I am not a month out of date! I know we celebrated the Festival of Pentecost on 19th May, but… the effect on the Holy Spirit falling on and filling the disciples was ongoing, because it was life-changing. It meant that the l… [More]


An Open Heaven

Since I heard this phrase a week or two ago, it has been running round in my mind. And thinking around the events of Jesus last week for our recent services has helped me to consider it in several different contexts.… [More]


Kingdom Moments

At the service on 17th June, we thought about the nature of the Kingdom of God. One of the images Jesus used was the mustard seed which grew into a bush large enough for the birds of the air to rest in the shade.… [More]


A Journey to India

We received an invitation from The Right Reverend Dr Samson Das, Bishop of the Diocese of Cuttack, to lead a series of seminars on Women's Empowerment in various locations across the Diocese. The purpose of the seminars was to encourage the women, particu… [More]


The Olympic Torch

On Monday 21st May, the Olympic Torch came to Taunton! I don't know whether you saw it - I didn't. But I did have a wonderful day on the Taunton Christians Together stall with Peggy, Jean, and Margaret, a lady from Ruishton Church.… [More]