Church Charity 2013-2014 - link with the village of Dengaambo, Orissa, North India

Rowbarton's Church Charity for 2013-14 is the Health Clinic in the tribal village of Dengaambo, Gajapati Area of Orissa, North [More]


Church Charity 2014-2015 - Musgrove Park Hospital League of Friends.

Rowbarton's Church Charity for 2014-15 is the League of Friends of the Taunton Hospital [More]

Church Charity 2016-2017 - British Lung Foundation

"Together, we’re making sure that one day everyone will breathe clean air with healthy lungs." [More]

Church Charity 2017-2018 - Mission Aviation Fellowship

MAF uses planes to transform the lives of the world's most isolated people in need. [More]

Church charity 2019 -2021 RAfT

Refugee Aid from Taunton 2019 - 2021 [More]

Junior Mission for All

Junior Mission for All (JMA) was created so that children would not be excluded from supporting and learning about the mission [More]


Leprosy Mission

This year LM is our focused church charity. Our 'Give a hand' appeal raised over £300 towards this. Our thanks to Mr Martin Pi [More]


Smile International




A range of foods, paper products and hand-crafted goods are sold from a stall in the church hall after the morning service. [More]