Rowbarton Methodist Church was opened in 1893 as a Wesleyan chapel, when its location was shown as Greenway Lane, an indication of the rural character of the area at the time. A bigger area of land was purchased than was needed, and allotments on the site helped to ease the trustees' initial financial difficulties.

By 1903 the trustees were investigating funding for a bigger church; however, this was abandoned, and in the years following the 1914-18 war, congregations were at such low ebb that the chapel was considered for closure.

However, Ebenezer (United Methodist) Chapel closed instead, and the congregation who joined Rowbarton Methodist Church were 'few in number but first class in quality', and they, and subsequent appointments of Methodist Deaconesses did much to build up the life of the church.

In 1985, Rowbarton Methodist Church underwent major alterations, known as 'Operation Facelift', which turned the direction of the church, and created a flexible worship space with moveable seating.

The school hall, originally built in 1965 was partially demolished and rebuilt by the Town Council when they improved the road junction in 1987/88. This now includes good kitchen and toilet facilities as well as a meeting room and storage for the various groups which use the building.

Finally, in 2011, the 'Connect Room' was finished, a light, open area which links the two buildings together, and presents an attractive and welcoming entrance to Rowbarton Methodist Church.